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Photo Usage  
  • If you are a commercial user and you are looking for FREE photos from me for any purpose including an in-house type of use, you can stop reading now. I am sorry but I cannot help you. Travelling the world to shoot airplanes is the furthest thing from free, in fact it costs me a fortune.
  • If you are a commercial user who is interested in licensing one or more of my photos (for a fee), please email me with all pertinent information so that I can come up with a fair usage price (how will the photo/s be used, what kind of media, how big will the image be? Will it be on the cover? On the inside?
    How many of the product (brochure, etc) will you be producing? Is it an internal item or for mass distribution? The more information we have, the easier it is to come up with a fair usage price.
  • If you are a private, non-commercial user who wants to use one or more of my photos, please get in touch with me with a detailed description of your needs. If you want to use them on your non-commercial, private web-site, please provide me with the URL so that I can determine if I want my photo/s on your site.

    Thank you